Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Lovely Lori

On our journey around the States, working with all types of ministries that spread the Gospel of Jesus, we met SO many people. There were many times I sat in awe of what an opportunity God had given us. I was given so many treasures that can never be taken away from me.

This lovely lady is one of those treasures.....

She has just won the Donald Miller Living a Better Story Blog Contest!!! We are so looking forward to seeing her again when she travels up here to Portland!!

We met her at Joshua Station, a transitional home for homeless families. She had chosen to be a volunteer resident and lived among the families who needed a source of Light in dark times. As we traveled we usually stayed for a maximum of 2 weeks, so we made every effort to REALLY get to know folks. We had little time, but God made every moment so valuable. Our time was not only worth it because of the transitioning families we met at Joshua Station, but because of this Lovely, Lady, Lori.

We love you, Lori and are SO proud of you!!

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