Thursday, September 02, 2010

Crazy systems

One of my "systems" up until a couple years ago was ensuring that my house was clean. And it really wasn't much of a system, it just happened on a constant cleaning binge basis. I didn't talk about it much, it was just part of keeping myself from going totally nuts. I cleaned out of fear of going nuts with a mess, so I went nuts cleaning. I know, it doesn't make sense. It is a control thing.

In my world of mothering 4 children, marriage, homeschooling, food pantry, chores, and other daily life activities, there are many moments of feeling completely out of control. So having something that I could manage and keep straight seemed good to me. And in the eyes of the world, it is justifiable. But in the eyes of God, it is still freaking out, wanting control, and sacrificing precious moments with my family.

Just like the rest of my life with Jesus, I am seeing that each system or way of doing things or way of thinking must be renewed and made clean by Him. And I know that I will have seasons of this throughout my life. Relearning how to do life through His eyes, hands, and feet.

Thank goodness for His Grace and Mercy over my life. I am thankful He doesn't count these things against me.

Lord, help me in my weakness to make me strong in You. And bless me with the ability to surrender!

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Thoughts for the day said...

You are doing an awesome job~ pat yourself on the back and make a cup of tea... and relax for just a bit.
Then if you want... to get back to cleaning you have rested first.
Blessings sent your way.