Sunday, September 05, 2010

Elisabeth Elliot Daily Devotional

I'm not moving today, but Elisabeth Elliot's devotion today expresses my prayer of many days.
I have written recently on my systems and ways of doing things. Again, my prayer is that I can hear His voice through my insistence on getting things done and doing things my way.
And that I don't bowl anyone over with the tropical storm going on inside of me.

"Title: The Calm Spirit of Christ
Author: Elisabeth Elliot

Today is moving day. There will be plenty of reason for fretting and stewing, impatience, and turbulence. I am one who seems to feel that unless I do things or unless they are done my way, they will not be done right, and the day will
disintegrate. But I have been watching the sea--very turbulent this morning
because of a tropical storm hundreds of miles away--and I remember Him whose
word was enough to calm it.
Speak that word to me today, dear Lord: peace.
Let your calm spirit, through the many potentially rough minutes of this day, in
every task, say to my soul, Be still. Even this day's chaos, with all its
clutter and exertion, will be ordered by your quiet power if my heart is subject
to your word of peace. Thank You, Lord."

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