Friday, September 26, 2008

Preparing the Bride

I guess I'm realizing more and more of what our purpose here on earth is. Is that a funny way to start out a post? Deep thoughts by Serenity.
I'm not just talking about me and my family, I'm talking about ALL the believers out there who say they "believe in Jesus".
The idea of marriage has been on my mind for quite a while now. God was really speaking to me about it before we left and now I understand why. The relationship of a marriage is such a great word picture for Christ and the Bride.
Doesn't a bridegroom usually want to wait and let the bride prepare herself for the wedding day? Doesn't he want his bride to be ready for the rest of her life with him? Yes!! What a picture of how Jesus must be feeling for His bride, anxiously waiting for her (the Church) to get ready for eternity with Him. Oh, to be in the presence of Jesus, day in and day out. What a dream! I can only imagine what that will be like.
So, what are we doing here on earth? Preparing for eternity by fully living out the life Jesus has given us. I desperately want to see the Church stepping out in faith, worshiping, communing, and praising the Lord together by imitating the life of Christ. What I (we) have seen is only tiny little glimmers of that. Yes, quite a few believers come together and listen to a pastor speak and sing songs together once a week, but is that it?
In this journey I am understanding more of my purpose in His kingdom. I am to fall so in love with Jesus that my life just oozes with joy, peace and hope that other children of God would want it too. Jesus wants His bride to love Him. That is not asking too much of a bride is it?
I'm not saying that I know when Jesus is coming back, I just know that The Bride is not ready yet. The Bride is too busy with her stuff. Too much to do, so little time. Who wants to marry someone who is too busy with his/herself? It might all be "good" stuff too. Feeding the homeless, potlucks, having a choir, making sure the childrens' program is perfect, soccer games, baseball games, sports in general, church picnics, jobs, jobs, jobs, making sure there is enough in the savings account, having enough pretty things to put in your house, taking on another job, etc., etc.
If you asked me, a lot of the stuff that the Church does should just be scraped off, no matter who gets mad. Lets just get together for a meal, talk about the amazing God stories of the week, pray for one another, and let the kids play. It is not that complicated.
I know, I'm so idealistic. Serenity thinks she's got it all figured out.
I realize this is a pretty picture but I also have seen this happen. It was hard and heart-breaking for Andy and I to step out in faith and cut out a lot of things and activities in our life, but it has been SOOOO worth it. Being less busy causes you to be available for God to use you. Simple as that.
So, if we are going to prepare ourselves for Christ to return, there are a few things we need to STOP doing and start loving the Lord.
And don't worry, He will keep you busy- there are still lots of people who don't know Him.

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