Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Buck, Mustang, Otter

Over the last year or so, I've given each of my children an "animal name". Some may think that is a little weird or that I'm trying to grab hold of my Native American roots. Nope, just being a little silly- plus it helps explain the personality of each of them.
So I thought I'd explain it so that if I ever refer to my Buck, Mustang or Otter, you'll know who I am speaking about. :)
Avery (Avery-man) is my first born and he is my buck (a male deer).
Character traits: a leader, always ready for a debate (likes to use his antlers to push others around), very sweet and sensitive, tends to be a little more reserved, and can out-energize the Energizer bunny (sometimes we have him run from the front door to the back door just to release).
Allyson (Ally or Allygator) is my second born and she would be my wild mustang.
Character traits: firey, a dare devil when it comes to physical activity, not terribly outgoing with those outside the herd, has an incredible sense of humor, does NOT like her mane to be tamed or fussed with, can go from 0-60 in 2 seconds flat (emotionally speaking), very discerning and can sniff out a bad seed at the drop of a hat.
Eva (Eva Diva) is my third and she is my little otter. Her name means "life or life giver" and she SO fits that!
Character traits: fearless with people and activities, loves a good laugh, can be out of your sight in a blink of an eye, more curious than the other two have ever been, follows brother and sister everywhere they go and LOVES the water!
So there you have it, my kids!

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