Monday, July 30, 2007


Today I turn the big 29! Birthdays are a little different when you are an adult with little tikes, huh? Today has been wonderful, but if I was to explain all that I did to a young high school/college girl I might get a few strange looks.
First of all, nothing was really planned except for dinner at my parents in the evening. Andy asked me last night, "So, what do you want to do tomorrow?" Really, as a mom of 3 little ones with ages 4 and under, I don't ask for much. So I said, "a good breakfast, some quiet time in the bedroom (with the door closed), and a shower by myself". I later decided that I needed to get a swimsuit, finally, and we needed toilet paper. I figured if we were going into town we could take the kids to the water park also. After packing lunches and grabbing all the stuff for the water park we were off! Andy, the gentleman that he is, took all three little ones with him to Costco to get toilet paper while I got to shop for my swimsuit by myself. Swimsuit shopping is probably my least favorite thing to shop for, but swimsuit shopping with 3 crazy kids just might make the Target employees a little scared. I found a suit fairly quickly, met up with Andy, purchased a new booster car seat for Avery, some underwear, sunglasses for Andy and we were done! Off to the park! As soon as we got there Ally had a time out, we slapped sunscreen on 3 bodies, ventured to the bathroom, ate our lunch and the kids took off to splash in the fountains.
It makes me tired just reading this, but actually it was very pleasant. We were all in good spirits, the weather was beautiful and we were all together. I love my family, I love my husband, and I love all that God has done to get us here. My birthday is just another day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it!

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