Thursday, June 28, 2007


We took Avery (our oldest) with us, for his first time, the other day to hand out cold water and McD's coupons to some of Portland's hot, tired, and thirsty homeless. It was just me, Andy and our bouncing 4 1/2 year old trekking the streets, looking and asking the Holy Spirit to lead us to those He wanted to bless. I wasn't sure how Avery would do walking and more importantly how he would react to folks who didn't have all their teeth. But, as always, God reveals Himself through little children. He got right into it and helped us hand out the water, walking right up to these men and women, giving them a big smile, completely unashamed. What an experience for all of us, teaching our child through our actions, and sharing with him why we do it. It also seemed to be an ice breaker for the people we were handing water to, their eyes lit up as they soaked in the presence of a small, happy child. The power of a spirit of joy and innocence is amazing.
We brought 30 bottles of water and 30 $1 food coupons and came back home with more compassion and more of Jesus.
And you know what? It was easy.

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