Tuesday, June 26, 2007

We're back!

We just got back from our annual Wallowa Lake trip with my side of the family. It was great! Fishing, throwing rocks in the river, playing outside, reading, relaxing, eating LOTS of good food, hangin' out in Joseph, taking a hike, enjoying the beautiful scenery, listening to the river right outside our window, and playing lots of Blongo Ball! We managed to squeeze 10 people into this little cabin- my parents, grandma, Sammy (my sis) and Cory, and all five of us! We make-shifted a room for my grandma with an airobed and a sheet as a curtain, what a trooper! I'd say this was our test-run for a week long vacation to Hawaii that our grandma is taking all of us on over Christmas (woohoo-so excited!). It was very good, but there were definitely moments that were challenging, awkward, and tense. Just a little dose of what living in community is like- it is very rewarding but you have to be able to take the heat to truly enjoy it! If you can't take the heat, well, you know the rest. :)
I love my family and I am so blessed to have the opportunity to be able to get away on such a vacation! Here are some great pics of this beautiful place!

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KiaBia said...

Hi Serenity! It's Kia. Just wanted to say whenever I have doubts that three children is too many, I read up on your life and realize that it's not. Get some rest, though. You all must be exhausted.