Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tea time

It's amazing what a little bit of tea, sugar, cream, and mama's full attention can do.

As a mother of four I feel stretched and pulled many directions throughout the day. I have learned to love being a wife and mother. I've learned to be more content with my place, my opportunities, and my season of life. I really do love where I am at now. But often there are days when I wonder if I really took a moment to know and see each of my children. Too many days go by like that.

But I am so glad I have taken some moments and made some memories.

I pray that His Grace, Love and Mercy can fill in the blank spots. And most of all, I hope my girls grow up knowing they are loved and beautiful because they are made by a Loving and Beautiful God.

Thank you, Jesus, for tea time.

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Thoughts for the day said...

oh to have a tea party ... that sounds so fun, I have thought about that with the little girls, Faith is 12 and the twins are 7 they might really enjoy a 'high tea' lunch. So glad you had a good time, take care