Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm celebrating

Yesterday, during the food pantry, our family was invited to a Mexican fiesta!!!

I can't even tell you how exciting that was for me. Not because I've always wanted to party down with the Mexicans, but because my hope and prayer has been that I become friends with the people who come to my house for food. I want to know them, not just give them food.

So, unfortunately, we can't make it to this party. BUT, they have opened an invitation for our family to their next fiesta, and I cannot wait. Oh, to only imagine our white American family join in with a wild group of Mexicans. I giggle and get goosebumps thinking about how wonderful, slightly awkward, and totally exciting that is.

Give me a little Tequila (with my nose plugged) and I should be on the dance floor in no time.

Let the Kingdom come!


Thoughts for the day said...

That is way too funny real mexican food is awesome. Not the kind you get at taco bell.

Andy said...

You might want to rephrase the "slightly awkward" to "extremely awkward". Just saying.

Susannah said...

love it!!! have a blast for me :)