Sunday, February 28, 2010

A little laugh with Jesus

As I traveled home today from visiting my sweet friend down in Roseburg I geared myself up for another rugged ride. Our Volkswagen Vanagon bucks. Yes, like a wild horse. We call her Wolf and besides the violent jolts down the road, we love this van.

Driving the van around town is not a big deal. A buck here, a buck there, we can handle it. The Wolf never leaves us stranded, she just likes to keep us awake and aware of our surroundings.

A 2 1/2 hour drive however, is quite exhausting. Eva and Luci were with me and the Wolf managed to keep them awake also. Luci screamed for a good portion of the drive and Eva sleepily went in and out of asking me questions and being jolted awake every few seconds.

Half way home I was exhausted by the bucking and quite frustrated. I yelled at the van a few times. Then suddenly I decided to thank Jesus for all the things I loved about the van. I yelled them actually, to vent a little. And as I came to the end of my list of thanks, I heard Jesus laugh.
I pictured Him next to me in the van being jolted back and forth as we drove North on I-5 and He was laughing. Silly Jesus.

Of course I couldn't help but laugh also as He beckoned me to join Him in that moment of craziness. We laughed and I cried a little bit as we all bucked down the freeway, imagining what cars driving by must be thinking.

Sweet, silly, crazy Jesus. I love Him. He pulls me out of my pit every time.


Emie Kay said...

LOVE JESUS!! He's laughing with us in our "empty pantry, no more laundry soap, 5 more diapers to go with 2.77 to go!!" :-) Silly Jesus! Gotta go with it or die!

KI said...

Amen. Gotta just laugh.

Phil said...

Hey change the name from Wolf to " The bucking Mule" !
Are you now crediting Jesus for the bucking? Ha!

Glad that you made it back in one piece!
love you soo much!