Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The dust is settling

Rather than making a sad attempt at explaining and summarizing the last few years, I will just direct you to our Mustard Seed Ministries website here. There, you will find what we have done, what we are currently doing and some thoughts and experiences we have had along the way.

Our family has returned to Hubbard, OR after traveling the States in an RV for one year.

Our desire remains to live out the Gospel in love and obedience to God.

To say the least, the last 9 months has been a whirlwind of transition.

I am finally seeing the dust settle and have had quite a few things to process, which brings me back to my blog. I find this to be a lovely way of getting my thoughts out and giving people the opportunity to read or not to read.

Since July of 2009, we have re-established ourselves in our original home (that we had intended to sell but God kept it for us), welcomed our fourth child, Lucilla (Luci) Ann into our family in September, Andy has returned to work as a teacher at Woodburn High School half-time, and I have been homeschooling Avery, Ally and Eva. In the midst of all these things, we have begun the process of building a food pantry in our garage and connecting with church bodies and ministries in the area. We want to be available to our community, not only for physical needs but spiritual and emotional as well. Andy and I have seen the Kingdom of God and desire to take up our positions and fight for what is good and just, right where He places us- whether that is traveling or stationary.

As for me, I know God wants me to focus on my marriage and my children right now. All other things are extras, which I am learning to take as gifts of opportunity when I have a chance to take part in them. It has taken me years to get to this place of peace as a mother and wife. Like many women, I have struggled with the desire to be a part of something "more important" than "just be a mom and wife". It makes me laugh just writing that, but 'tis true.

And on the other side, I am learning to be ok with not being a Super-mom or Super-wife, which also makes me laugh. In the mayhem of having 4 small children, I get angry, frustrated, and distracted. I am terribly imperfect and unloving without Jesus. He does not make me a Super-mom but when I am willing, He can love my husband and children through me like no one else can. I am learning to listen to Him and treat Him like a big, wise, brother that is always hanging out with me. For me, this is very comforting.

In my relationship with Jesus, He has taught me so much. How to be a daughter of the Most High King, how to be a mother, how to be a soldier, a lover, a peacemaker (not a peace keeper), and how to find His face in each person in my life. I love Him with more of my heart each day and hope to see more people find His love for them.

So, in this blog, I hope to be real as I write about my journey with my Father, his Son and his Holy Spirit. I know my purpose here on earth is to love God and love others.
It is as simple and as complicated as that.


Bridge said...

Thank you P for bearing the true state of your heart and quest in finding Jesus right smack in the middle of wherever you are and whatever He is calling you to. I see Him!! I love you dear sister - Shelly

Captivated said...

Wow, thanks for sharing Serenity! I look forward to reading your musing and meditations. Hugs!!!