Friday, January 15, 2010

Avery's new room

My little Avery man, who rocketed out 3 1/2 weeks early, just turned 7 years old last week! And for this special birthday, the whole family pitched in and turned the white-walled playroom into his very own bedroom. It was an awesome experience to see everyone work together to surprise this sweet boy. While he had a fun day/night at a friends' house, we worked into the night so that after church on Sunday we could surprise him.
Avery's little cave.

The loft bed was built by Andy and his dad, keeping this room available to guests and creating more space!

We are so thankful for a family that wants to be involved in everything they can.
Our little man loves his room and the surprise was a success! I am a proud to be his mom. But what I am most proud of is that he never once complained about sharing a room with his sisters, even in the cramped living quarters of Big Buster. He is learning to have joy with much and with little.
Jesus, please continue teaching Avery, making his ears and eyes sensitive to Your Spirit. Compel him to move and grow in Your Kingdom and teach him how to be small, giving you ALL the glory.


Sally Raquet said...

What a great room you created for Andy. His cave is a wonderful sanctuary for him. God bless you all.
Sally Raquet

Emie Kay said...

This is AWESOME! And I LOVE the pic of Avery and Luci! She's so big! i love you friend

Phil said...

Great journal. Thanks!
love you all sooo much!