Thursday, March 12, 2009

One thing I will miss....

It seems like a long stretch home still, but we are only 2 states away. This is a really weird feeling now that we've been traveling for 9 months straight now. Being 3 months away from being home is just WEIRD.

I have this deep longing to be home, snug in a little house, back with my old neighbors, and in familiar territory where I don't need a GPS or Google Maps to get around. My mama instincts are beginning to itch, making me want to settle, nest, and get my kids back into some sort of regular schedule/routine.

BUT...there are many things I will miss from being a transient. The main one: meeting new people. I know I can do this when we get back to Portland, but it is different when you are a traveler. People are more willing to tell you their life story when they know you will probably leave within the next few days. They are also more likely to offer hospitality when they know you have been traveling. We have met so many amazing friends on this journey.

So many people have opened their homes, lives, stories, fellowship, pantries, cars, laundry facilities, and showers to our family. It gives me so much hope for humanity and the family of God. It is a stretch and a risk to invite an entire family into your home for dinner when you have never met them before in your life. This causes me to believe there needs to be more travelers out there who rely on hospitality for housing and food rather than hotels and restaurants. Meeting and entertaining strangers stretches, challenges, and connects the Kingdom of God. Somehow it makes it a little more organic, fresh, natural.

So, when we return home, I hope to always be ready to entertain strangers. I hope to be more willing to meet new people and to offer a warm meal to anyone who needs it. If I can't be a transient, receiving hospitality, I will be on the other end in giving back what has been lavishly given to me and my family.


Phil Thornburg said...

I love to hear your conclusions and lessons that you pass along to us readers. Your conclusions about RV traveling and being a guest in others homes are priceless. I cannot tell you how many homes we stayed in during our two years on furlough in America visiting churches.
I am glad that you are learning all of this. Now you know why I love having a place that is home.
love, Dad

laurakelly said...

i get tears in my eyes reading this because i miss you so much! i am so grateful for the blessing i received in sharing my love and family and minimal things with you, my newest, dearest friend! thank you for loving me and mine so completely and showing US the love of Jesus... i know that you are in fact a precious angelic gift sent to me from above and i love you :)