Friday, February 27, 2009

Poor mama duck

Yes, yes. I know I've been a TOTAL slacker on the blog, Andy keeps bugging me about updating this.
So here is my weird attempt at updating. It's very random so bear with me.

Can you see this sweet little ducklings and their mama?

When we were having a little vacation time with my parents in San Antonio, this caught our attention as we were strolling the River Walk. The kids were so excited to see baby duckies but I was almost crying for this little mama trying to get her babies down to safety. Poor thing made a nest where it was safe and now she has the dilemma of figuring out a way to get all of her babies down this huge cliff where the water is. I almost did a swoop and rescue right then and there. Mama duck kept quacking and walking back and forth, looking a bit anxious about the menacing drop-off. But the sheer madness of me scaling up the wall and scooping up the duckies 2 at a time was a little over the top. So, I prayed for them. Yes, I did, for all you who are laughing. And I couldn't get this out of my mind for quite a few days. It's one of those mama things or maybe it's an overly sensitive lover-of-animal-things.

And maybe the fact that I'M PREGNANT added to the desperate desire to be the super-hero for this little family of ducks. Who knows?

Oh, yeah- I'm prego! Thank you Jesus for our new gift!


KI said...

Love the discretion of the announcement, ha! No big deal, just havin another Coulombe babe! :)

Andrea said...

Congratulations Serenity and family. We are continuing to lift you all up as you "jouney for Jesus" in a land that is not out home. Blessings to your sweet new addition. I can totally see you scaling the wall in a psuedo james bond esque rescue and then announcing to the world you were pregnant. We are so joyful for you all.

John W. said...