Sunday, December 21, 2008


....of rancid peanut butter!

As we traveled through Florida we had made a stop at some old friends of my parents' in Gainesville, FL. They had invited us to stop by, catch up, and have a place to park for the journey south. Their house was beautiful with many beautiful things, trinkets, almost museum-like. A little scary with kids. We actually stayed most of the time in our RV, in fear that the random movements of little children might break something precious and valuable.

The next morning we were invited inside for breakfast and so I gathered as many craft things I could to entertain the kids while we hung out.
Things were going fabulous, great conversation, kids were happy, when suddenly a moment of panic hit me as I stuffed my mouth with a piece of waffle smothered in syrup and peanut butter (my favorite).
I instantly, without thinking, started clawing at my tongue, making a gagging sound, and rushed over to the sink to spit out the disgusting morsel.
The peanut butter had unknowingly gone rancid.
I leaned over the sink, tipped my head upside down and rinsed and blubbered out as much peanut butter as I could. I even took my coffee and swished it in my mouth like mouthwash and spit it out in the sink.
This all happened so quickly, I had forgotten my surroundings of distinguished beauty as I gagged, blubbered and clawed peanut butter out of my mouth. My kids thought the scene was pretty funny, Andy got a good laugh when he heard about the incident, but I hope our hosts were not totally offended by my rather "nutty" act.

After gaining some composure, I was able to scrap off the remaining peanut butter from my waffle and the Jif container was tossed in the proper receptacle. And we all resumed with breakfast as usual.

I truly lived up to my favorite pet name, "Nutty Nutterson".

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Phil said...

Hey Serenity,
I probably would have done the exact same thing if I had chomped into rancid peanut oil! Yuck!
I am right there with you!