Tuesday, September 30, 2008

my sweet boy

We just left from a great 5 day vacation with a family in Sparta, MI, just outside of Grand Rapids. They live right on a small lake and have a pontoon boat and a ski boat. We had free access to them while we were there, what a treat!

When we decided to take the kids out on the pontoon boat, we thought it would be a relaxing time together to take a ride around the lake. But as we attempted to pull out the steering suddenly went out and we were temporarily stuck. And Avery was in tears, fearful of what might happen to all of us.
Let me back up for a moment. Back in Chicago, during the crazy floods from the hurricane down south, we were pulling into a lot to park our rv. Because the lot was covered in mud and water we could not see where the concrete started and ended and pulled right into the mud. Big Buster instantly sank up to the axle and it took a heavy-duty tow truck to get our rig out. The high stress moment of Big Buster sinking sent Avery into a fear-induced panic attack. It was one of those moments where your child is so emotional that you start crying.

So coming back to the pontoon boat, the Lord revealed something to us about Avery. We need to pray that the Lord would be His safe place and that the enemy would not be able to grab him and take him down in fear. Avery needs to see us as people who pray and hold onto Jesus when bad things happen and he also needs to see and hear us praise His name when we feel safe and when He answers prayers. It showed me how many times I have neglected to praise the Lord in the presence of my children or pray and cry out loud for His help.

When we started sinking in Big Buster, my heart broke for Avery but I heard the Lord ask me to sing with him and pray with the kids in their bedroom while Andy worked on trying to fix the problem. I was amazed at how quickly Avery's demeanor changed as we continued to pray and sing "King of Kings and Lord of Lords". My God calmed him and gave him peace in the midst of the storm, literally.

So, join me in praising His name, talking about God, and praying with our children. They are the next generation closer to the coming back of Jesus. Let's prepare their hearts to love Him and worship Him.

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