Thursday, January 31, 2008

My friend J-9

Last Sunday I got to meet John King. Actually, "J-9" is his official street name and he is so proud of it. He earned it one day when he woke up at the train station with one less finger (get it? J-9?) and no belongings. He was mugged and knocked out, while waiting for his train back to Eugene, by some guy who asked for change for a 20. John, excited to help someone, pulled out his wallet and the rest was history. So when he woke up, he heard the Lord say, "I want you to stay here." So, he did.
Hmm...where's the rest of the story, you ask?? What about his family? Where was he going? How can he just stay? How is he going to survive with nothing?
You know, I didn't even think to ask him all those questions until after I had gotten home. He was the most joyful, happy, jolly, guy you could ever meet. His aura distracted me from all those "what if" questions. He had a purpose and a plan. He knew God sent him to the streets of Portland to preach the Gospel, on the street level.
I had the most awesome privilege of handing him $5 to get batteries for his tiny little t.v. He wanted to watch the SuperBowl with his friends. You should have seen his face when I handed him that money, he started dancing, gave me the biggest hug and started rapping for Jenn and I. We both stood there with big, goofy grins on our faces and just soaked it in. We probably could've stayed and talked with him for hours. He was so full of God and so full of life that you just had to join him in it. After he took off, wearing his 3 new coats, a few new supplies, a full belly, with $5 dollars folded up underneath his glove, and totally happy, I felt a revival in my spirit. Like I had just been pumped up with joy gas a few times. And every time I think about him, I smile.
In this journey of ours I am certain that I have met a couple of angels- one guy in particular, but that is a different story. But J-9 was not an angel. He is a living, breathing, Spirit-filled apostle of the Lord. Fully equipped and ready to follow God's leading at a moment's notice. I like how his name is prophetic- John King. Jenn and I came away that day knowing full well we will some day see J-9 dressed from head to toe in royal jewels and garments, dancing and singing with the King of Kings. John will be crowned by the King.

They will enter Zion with singing, everlasting joy will crown their head.
Gladness and joy will overtake them, and sorrow and sighing will
flee away.
Isaiah 35:10


Emie said...

Wow I love you my friend! Thanks for sharing this epic journey with us! You are my hero!!! :-)

kristian & katy said...

serenity! thanks for saying hi! we are so happy to know you guys and so encouraged. we're excited about following along with your journey.
we have much to learn...

let's keep in touch,