Monday, September 24, 2007

Doctor God

I just had oral surgery last week, for some reason or another my gums like to recede. I have had two gum grafts in my life so far and I've decided that I definitely like to be asleep while they carve away. :) I was definitely numb with Novocaine but it is a bit disturbing watching and feeling the prodding, stitching, cutting, etc. And of course he tried to talk to me through the whole thing, somehow clearly understanding all of my grunts and slobbery mumblings. I was amazed at how he continued to talk to me as if he was oblivious to the fact that I was stiff as a board, staring straight ahead with my BlueBlockers, and not really responding to many of his questions or comments on a t.v. show he had watched about moles. (I'm serious.)
He kind of reminded me of God at the moment- kind of a stretch, but stick with me.
God is the Doctor of all doctors.
He often allows some pain to heal wounds. (The pain came after I left the periodontist's office)
He is so gentle.
He wants us to be awake and alert to the work He does on our hearts. So many times we don't realize what He is doing and completely miss the point! We must put on our Blueblockers (or our armor of God) and stare straight at His light.
He continues to talk with us through all things, even when we are grunting and slobbery. He can take all of our emotions, fears, questions, and comments.
He understands us and knows us completely! We don't even have to talk to get Him to understand! Isn't that so wonderful??!! To be fully known, no explanations needed.

God is so good. He is not Dr. Seifert, which I'm very glad. But thank you Lord for the reminder!

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