Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Calm AFTER the Storm

Most storms are loud, crazy, scary and exciting all at the same time, with a LOT of intensity. They never last very long. I'm pretty sure God made it that way for a reason. He then allows the, almost awkward, calm. It seems strange after the chaos and emotional highs that the storm just took us through. Boom, it's done. Now what do I do? It almost feels better to stay in the storm than have to deal with the calm. I can't imagine what it must have been like for the victims in Hurricane Katrina. Suddenly, they have nothing, their town is completely destroyed, and many loved ones have died. Silence. Sometimes the "calm" is not so calm and peaceful. I think this is the moment when God wants us to take a moment and ask Him a few questions. He never blows His storm on us by accident. I think He might just send His winds, rains, lightening, thunder, hail, tornadoes, etcetera just so that He can get us in His calm. He will keep doing it until we start asking those questions and stop trying to fix stuff ourselves. He will NEVER give up on us.
Andy and I have just come out of a storm. Telling our family and friends about what God is asking of us sent me into an emotional whirlwind. My mind was spinning, my emotions were barely hanging on, and God was so close. It was scary, exciting, and intense.
Now we are in the calm. At first I was wondering what happened. Kind of like when you are jumping on a trampoline and then you jump off and try to keep jumping, it kind of feels like a 'thud'. Its definitely not as exciting or bouncy. And I am tempted to jump back on and feel those emotions and the intensity of His Presence all over again. I realize that is not His will though. He gives us His calm to get back on our feet and begin walking in the faith that was strengthened during the storm.
Mike Bickle (author of the study on Song of Songs) says "God has strategically ordained in this age that we walk by faith, not by feeling or sight....Feelings come occasionally as an encouragement but they do not come often enough to live by them or to base our life on them."
It makes me realize how many folks try and stay in their storm and never give themselves a moment to learn. They just keep running, scrambling, and striving to keep on keepin' on rather than sitting at His feet to listen and thank Him. I have been one of these people but I'm seeing how good it is to stop, worship and praise Him for always being with me and taking the calm moments as opportunities to see what walking really looks and feels like. God is so gracious with us. It is amazing that He would actually give us the calm at all. I pray that each of us takes more moments to try our walking shoes.

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