Wednesday, July 11, 2007

a story worth telling

I don't know about all of you, but I would like to live a life worth writing a book about. I would like my kids to look back on their growing up years and be able to tell their kids exciting stories about REAL life, not just imaginary stories (which are also good).
I remember lying in bed listening to my dad tell me stories about growing up in Africa and I still remember them to this day. I loved those stories because they were true, exciting, and all about a world unknown to me. My imagination would take me places that probably only exist in Heaven. That is probably why I love reading so much. I get so immersed in my book, that sometimes I don't even notice my daughter screaming in my ear in the car seat next to me. (I read part of the way to Wallowa Lake and Andy often had to jolt me out of my bookworm trance so that I would pay attention to Eva sitting right next to me). Let's just say it is a good thing I don't read during the day while I'm at home with the kids, that could be dangerous.
Anyhoo....isn't that what God intended anyways, to live an exciting life? Or did He intend for me to strive for the American dream, with a nice house, a dog, a husband with a steady job, 3 kids, a quaint little garden, lots of food in the fridge, a nice church to belong to, nice neighbors, etc, etc. No, I'm not saying those things are "bad" things, they are ALL really nice things. Very comfortable, very safe, very nice. Yet, maybe it's a little too "nice". (just an FYI, I hate the word "nice") Was Jesus nice? What does that word mean anyways?
I guess what I'm saying is that the more and more I dive head first into God I want more excitement. And with excitement comes leaps of faith, risk, and holding onto the Hope that comes from the Creator of my life. I don't want to be my own creator because I'm not that imaginative, I'm not that crazy, or wild, and I'm really not very exciting. Without God I am fearful, a pushover, a worry-wort, a wannabe, self absorbed, and totally hopeless. But with God I can move mountains, think of really good stories, paint beautiful paintings, be a good mother, a good wife, love the unlovable, speak Truth, cast out demons, heal the sick, raise the dead, and on and on. I know that Jesus was NOT "nice". He was/is wild, kind, gentle, loving, self-controlled, patient, joyful, peaceful, good and faithful. He definitely has a story worth telling. I want to be like Him. Actually I want my story to be His story.
Andy and I have been praying and hoping and getting excited about our life. We BOTH want this so much. So as we continue our "downward spiral", as Andy likes to call it, we ask for God's timing, patience, boldness, and most importantly His leadership. We have big dreams but a lot of little details to get through first. If you will, we are preparing for our exciting story, but we have to do some editing before it gets to the publisher :)


Andrea said...

Hi Stranger, I stumbled across your blog when I was looking at Josh and Jess's blog and then at the Lockes. Serenity every day that you give God your best, and your sacrifice no matter how small or how large he uses it to the advantage of the Kingdom of Heaven. I love our Father because he accepts all we have to give him, just like a patient parent who recieved Dandilions, he proclaims over our offerings as if they are roses, sweet and fragrant, colorful, a thing of Beauty. Our father sings over you and Andy and delights in your sacrifice and obedience.

Andrea said...

Hi Lady,
So some news to share with you, send me an email with your number I can't find it anywhere. I would leave mine but you never know, so I will leave my email instead,

Free and Loved by a Mighty God