Friday, July 20, 2007

Eternal perspective

Ok folks, needed a little break. We've had an intense week and soon I'll be able to share all that is going on in the Coulombe world. Just a few more details to nail down and I'll tell all!!
Anyhoo...been thinkin' about LOTS lately. The idea that has been floating around my brain is how much I want my kids to have an eternal perspective. For a while I would just say this because I thought it sounded good, but I now realize why. With an eternal perspective, fear is virtually gone. When I know that this world is not real, just a blip, I gain confidence in my purpose here. With an eternal perspective I can do all that God wants me to with no worries about what might happen to me here on earth. Because really, this world is NOT real. It is real in the sense that God made it and everything in it, but it was not made so that we would love it, find comfort in it, and ultimately lose sight of the REAL world. Now, just a quick reminder to help freshen this thought, Satan is the king of this world. Isn't he the master of all lies? So, if we do believe this world is real, we are believing his lie. We might say that we don't believe it, but what are our actions saying? Are you storing up your treasures? Do you worry? Why?
Our body/flesh tells us that this world is real because we can touch, hear, taste, see and smell. But isn't it our flesh that does what we do NOT want it to do? Who is the ruler of our flesh? SATAN!! We live by faith, not by sight (or smell, or taste, or touch, or hear). 2 Cor. 5:7
The enemy wants us to believe that this world is real and he wants us to get comfortable. What he doesn't want is for us to know that our spirit is stronger than him if we believe God's truth. God's truth is that God is God, He is good, He is with us and that this world is not our home. Our enemy knows that his days will end soon and he wants to bring us all down with him. If he can't do it by scaring us or hurting us, he'll do it with his best tactic: lies. He aims to seek, kill and destroy, nothing else.
So back to my initial thought. I pray that my kids see with an eternal perspective so that they would fear nothing and no one but God. How do we teach them that? We have to live it first. We must show them with our actions that we don't believe the lie. We have to show them how to have faith in God by stepping out of the boat. Jesus didn't tell Peter to paddle the boat over to Him. He said to "STEP OUT!". Peter would have never believed Jesus if he had decided to stay in his comfy, safe boat. But Peter did step out and he WALKED ON WATER! I'd say that is a faith builder. God is faithful and works for the good of those who believe in Him. Lord, continue to teach me Your eternal perspective.

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