Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Living humbly, out loud

Recently I have been doing a bit of research on a few things that are related to what the Lord has been teaching Andy and I. I've been looking into "How to start living green", "homeschooling", and "eating more naturally", etc. To say the least, I am overwhelmed and I feel completely inadequate to even come close to doing a good job in any of these areas. I am seeing how easy it would be to get consumed by this and completely lose the Focus- Jesus! All of these things are great, but without the focus being on the Lord the things that we DO will naturally drift back to our pride. Pride, that nasty little thing that is in ALL of us, that nasty little thing that justifies everything that we do and then places judgment on others who don't do the same things. It is how Satan traps us because it is our natural weakness. I have just finished a Bible study that focused a lot on the end times. I learned that in the end when Jesus comes back there will be a period of time when He will reign on earth with all of the radical Christians (the ones who gave their whole heart and life to Him) that ever lived and Satan will be thrown into the Pit which will be locked for 1000 years. Now, you would think this would be like living in the Kingdom of Heaven, right? Without Satan, we are free from sin or temptation, right? Nope. Revelation goes on to say that after the 1000 years, Satan is released once again to gather his troops.....what???? Doesn't Jesus have all of His followers reign with Him during this 1000 years? Yes, but they are all still human and still weak with pride. So those radical Christians will have children, their children will have children, on and on for 1000 years. So even without Satan we can mess it all up! This just proves His point even more- we NEED Him to live through us, we NEED Him to be our focus if we want to live on earth as it is in Heaven. So even if I was "living green", sharing everything that I had, taking a vow of poverty, moving to a different country to be a missionary, or homeschooling my children, I can still be TOTALLY wrong. These things should just be things that happen because we love Jesus SO much! Our hearts speak louder than we think. Our job is to love Him, worship Him, and talk with Him. When we do this, everything else will flow supernaturally and people will see and wonder and ask because we are LIVING humbly, out loud for Him. It looks different for everyone, but it DOES look like Jesus.
So, this is the question (don't get me wrong, I'm asking myself the same thing). Does your life look like Jesus?

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