Thursday, May 31, 2007

Good times

This would be our life group! We had the priveledge to have everyone over for a Memorial Day BBQ! It was a tight squeeze for our humongous group (minus Carlocks and Taylors!) but we're all a happy family!
You may be wondering how we all got together. Our church, Grace Chapel, is all about life groups and living in community. Ideally, all the life groups that are set up at church would get along beautifully and would actually enjoy life together. Unfortunately not all groups become close knit or even go beyond just meeting once a week. Fortunately, our group has hit it off from the beginning! Yay! I love you Canby Life Group- Tatlocks, Carlocks, Goodmans, Chaffees, Taylors, and Olsens!

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Goody said...

Hey Seren. Thanks for hosting CLG last week. No space is to small for our tight knit group.

And thanks a ton for the special link. I already loved checking in on the blog a few times a week, but the ESPN link is just one more reason why your blog is the BEST.

This site just went right to the top of my 'favorites'....maybe you can slide the ESPN link up a couple notches (but it's at least higher than the cool jeans link.)

Take care.