Wednesday, May 16, 2007

the magic of Dawn

Just so you know, scented candle wax can be removed from hair with Dawn dish soap. Let me back up a bit. My kids love to smell things, I think its because I love to smell things, but who knows. Anyways, we were down at Andy's parents' for Mother's Day and the kids found these scented candles that Judy (my mother-in-law) had saved just for them- because she is SUCH a good grandma who knows her grandkids :) The whole weekend they carried them around and smelled them and treated them with such care. We got home and Monday roles around- still totally stoked about the candles. They wanted to bring them in the car, and yes, smell them. I figured it wouldn't kill anyone, so I allowed the scented candles to come with us on errands. While I was on the phone with someone, I hear Avery yelling at me from the back seat about something Ally has done (which is not terribly surprising, he is 4 years old and loves to tattle). I quickly finish my phone call (because now Ally is screaming and crying) and look around to see my daughter's body covered in slightly warm candle wax that had also been smeared in her eyes. It is amazing the emotions that you can feel in a matter of minutes. At first I was annoyed, then I was angry, then I was frightened that the fragrance might make her go blind (maybe a bit extreme)- so I pulled over really quickly and pulled her out (still screaming and crying), find a bottle of water and wrestle her down onto the car floor to pour it in her eyes. This was very traumatic. At that point I stop pouring water all over her face and give both of us a second to breathe. She was a WRECK! The candle wax was all over her legs, arms, face, eyes AND hair. As I gave her a full look over, I saw that the mixture of wax and hair had made a nice set of earmuffs. I so wish I had the camera at that moment! So, I didn't really know what to. I tried to comb it out a bit but that just got her angry and didn't do a bit of good to rid the hair of wax. We made amends and I carefully placed her back in her car seat. I ditched our first scheduled stop and headed to my parent's house. Got some good advice from a few of my dad's employees and tried out the Dawn trick. And this is where the story peacefully ended. Whew! I had a good laugh, how 'bout you?

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Will and Krystal Irwin said...

HILLARIOUS! I laughed all the way through it, not at you of course but with you! Thanks for the joy you bring to my heart.