Thursday, May 03, 2007


For those of you who know Andy and I, you would know how our hearts have been changing over the last few years of our marriage - for the good. Its interesting to look back and see the journey and the significant moments that have taken us deeper with the Lord. We are blessed beyond words! There have been many times where we have NOT been even close to the same page. But as we have persevered and sought the Lord, He has brought us to a point of feeling like a team. We are looking in the same direction and excited about it!
I now see that because Andy and I have continued to persevere and have allowed the Lord to teach us how to forgive and heal that we actually have the capacity to LOVE! True, effective, love can only come out of a healed, spirit-filled heart! WOW! This is why I am so passionate for people to allow some rototilling in their life, to seek passion, to ask questions- because there is so much more out there! You don't have to struggle with sin and temptation everyday, you CAN be free- and there are no exceptions! Yes, we are human, but we have supernatural access. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is FREEDOM!
It frustrates me to see that this is not spoken more about.
It seems to me that there is so much busyness, distractions, media, entertainment, activities, that we are not letting ourselves slow down and quiet ourselves to listen to what our spirit needs. We need to worship Him and we need relationship with our Maker. This is really all He asks.
Is that too much for us?

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