Thursday, May 10, 2007


A few days ago, my friend and I were talking about shallowness (is that a word?). We are all fairly shallow, especially since we know that most of us only use 10% or less of our brain, but it caused me to think back about 10 years ago or so. I remember when I suddenly began to start thinking about things. This sounds silly, but I really didn't do much critical brain work until I really started talking with the Lord. When the Lord entered my life and I started obeying, my eyes started to shift off of myself. Which leads me to the understanding that selfishness makes you dumb. BIG dummies! Yes, there are those of you out there who are very intellectual or very street savvy, but until the Lord takes over and becomes Counselor you can only go so far with the tiny, little pea brain. Before I started walking the walk and listening to His voice I could barely see farther than my hands. And when you are not walking steadily and faithfully in His truth it is SO easy to get sucked into the shallow talk of neighbors, friends, church folk, etc.
Everything I did was for myself, which isn't so good when you are married. I was fairly clueless when it came to loving my husband. For example (and yes, I still slip up) him and I would be sitting down together watching a show after dinner and I would get myself a yummy bowl of ice cream and hop back on the couch. CLUELESS!! By the way, ice cream is my husband's favorite treat. You may think this is a silly example but can you imagine how totally out of it I was if I couldn't even think to ask my sweet hubby if he wanted some ice cream too? Yikes!
Now I can say that my brain actually feels bigger than it did 10 or so years ago (yes, I have a lot farther to go) and I owe it to the Lord. His love is deeper than the oceans and it will overflow as you continue to drink Him in. We have got to know our Lord or our future will look pretty pray for understanding, ask for more of Him, read the Bible, pray for relationship, ask and the door/brain will be opened, seek and ye shall find!
Let's not be dummies together!

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