Monday, April 16, 2012

Observing and Experiencing

Recently, I have been placed in a position of observing grief and suffering. I have been watching the effects of this world that has been marked by sin, death, and pain. The Lord continues to open my eyes to this reality.

With this reality, comes the Reality of hope, freedom, love and life in His Spirit. The last post I wrote expressed moments of forgetting this Reality. I can sink quickly. But, again, I have been pulled out by His Grace and given new eyes of how His Kingdom is the only REAL thing. All other things will fade away.

As a follower and lover of Jesus, full of His Spirit, I AM the Hope, Light, Freedom, Love and Life of His Kingdom. He has placed all of Himself in me and I can either walk in confidence, power and vulnerability or I can forget it all and disappear into the darkness.

It is our choice.

I choose to observe this world and experience His Kingdom. In the world, not of it.

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Emie Kay said...

AMEN my friend! Walk on water! :-) LOVE YOU SO MUCH