Sunday, January 23, 2011

Things I still struggle with...

1) Letting the kids mix the play dough colors.

2) Missing puzzle pieces. (Yes, mom. I, too, tear a room apart for these little stragglers.)

3) The discernment between just wanting to give a gift and feeling the expectation of owing someone something. Thank you notes/gifts, for instance. How do I shed the world's thoughts of gift-giving? How do I receive gifts/acts of kindness freely?

4) Talking kindly to my children when I feel rushed.

5) Loving my husband the way he needs to be loved, especially when I feel like its my turn to be loved.

6) Using my time wisely or finishing a task and going onto the next thing. I often find myself in the middle of 5 different things at a time. Yes, I can justify this as being a part of mothering four kids, but I refuse to do that.

7) Telling someone that they hurt me.

8) Routine. This goes against my grain, however, I know how important it is to have order and graceful structure in our family, ministry and daily life. In Heaven, maybe I can bounce around on clouds, going here to there where ever and whenever my heart desires.

Oh, I am weak. This is a good reminder of how much I need Jesus and how much more I can grow and learn with Him as my guide. There are a lot of things I have improved on in my life with Him (praise Him!), but that can never justify the fact that there is so much more He has to offer me.

May we always be at the place of tension, being thankful and content with ourselves and how He has made us while at the same time being willing and ready for Him to change our hearts, minds, and circumstances because He knows best.


Thoughts for the day said...

Oh I am so with you... play dough colors should not mix. I can't do it. The grandchildren know...they don't go in the same 'container.' I think it is easy to be distracted with a family...don't be too hard on yourself you are doing good.
Routine is crucial to a childs life. KEEP it no matter how hard you fight against it.
I love your honesty. Good job.

Sarah said...

I could have written this list...seriously...I was just talking with my mom earlier this evening about how hard it is for me to keep a routine. Darn near-impossible if you ask me!