Saturday, January 01, 2011

How I know I'm a mother of 4...

1) I do a celebration dance and feel a sense of pure joy when I don't have to fix lunch.

2) I suddenly realize a child is resting on my hip and I have no idea how long she has been there or how she got there.

3) I don't talk on the phone anymore, it's just too much work.

4) I carry around my devotional book all day long and re-read the first sentence about 50 times, intending to get through at least one page, but it never happens.

5) I re-heat my cup of coffee over and over again until finally I find it later that afternoon sitting in the microwave, cold.

6) I let my baby scream in her crib for extended periods of time.

7) I don't flip out (as much) when I see the kids slapping numerous Band-aids on one tiny little scrape.

8) I realize one of my children has not bathed for 7 days.


Thoughts for the day said...

funny one... oh little Luci crying in her crib :o(
grandma will come ((hug her))
You do a great job...just relax and give your day to the Lord. As long as your kids are happy, loved and taken care of that is all that matters. take care

Thoughts for the day said...

It is me again.
I am not really 'grandma' but I am grandma to my own six grandchildren and I have a heart for little ones especially when they have big tears.

Emie Kay said...

YES FOR MOTHERING FOUR KIDS!!!!! I relate to EVERY ONE of these! LOVE YOU SO MUCH MY FRIEND. We WILL talk one of these days! Maybe this week?!