Wednesday, December 08, 2010

What I'm day dreaming these days

Since I was a child, I have loved allegorical literature. Especially fantasy allegory with different creatures, fairies, animals that talk, worlds that have different colors and ways of doing things. It gives me wild things to think about in my free brain space. I daydream. I never really thought of myself as a daydreamer, but now that I know myself a little better, I must admit this. You can catch me staring off into space playing with my eyebrow (yes, I also have weird tics and habits) and you can be certain that I am deep in thought, or tired.

My kids and I are reading through The Chronicles of Narnia (now on, The Horse and His Boy). This is my favorite moments of the day and I am so excited that it is a favorite part of the kids' day too. After breakfast, we stay at the table and I have the kids get paper and crayons and let them color while I read to them. A simple thing in theory, but sometimes hard to do- especially when Luci is running around jabbering and pulling at me. However, it never fails to be a good time for all of us. We talk about Good and Evil, Aslan and the White Witch, choices, freedom, and 'what in the world is 'Turkish delight?''. My kids are grasping concepts that seem to be more easily understood when there are talking animals and magic rings.

And if I really couldn't get enough of the allegorical fantasy, I am reading The Hobbit, by J.R.R. Tolkien, on my own. Love it.

I love these stories so much that I dream about them while am awake and while I sleep. These days I am either hunting down a dragon, mothering 4 little hobbits, or escaping the monotony of laundry or dishes while riding on a talking horse across the desert.

Now you know a little more of my weirdness.


C and G said...

i was just thinking yesterday about when i should start reading chronicles of narnia to jaron :)

voyage of the dawn treader comes out on friday . . . maybe we should take our hubby's on a date night!

Emie Kay said...

And I LOVE the YOU that you are! So we're weird together. Dream away my friend. That's what I plan to do today. Love you