Friday, November 12, 2010

Rice and Beans for the Kingdom

To keep my brain from fretting over silly things like "what to make for dinner", I have been planing a monthly menu. It has helped me TREMENDOUSLY. This is a system I implemented a few months ago and it works for me.

So this is the new thing I am implementing into our meal schedule: Rice and Beans.

I have put it on our menu calendar to have this meal once every week. It is simple and it gets us just a tiny bit closer to understanding our friends who don't have a lot of money to eat anything more extravagant.

It seems to be a tiny and fairly insignificant change to our diet, but every effort, in the name of Jesus, counts. Even in our eating and drinking, we want our lives to live out the efforts to bring the Kingdom of God closer to our hearts, minds, and neighbors.

Here are some folks, right here in Portland who have presented a challenge for the month of March. Their 3 reasons for it are: solidarity, simplicity, and sharing. Read more here.

Would you like to try it out and join us once a week?


Susannah said...

that is so great! especially having eaten rice and beans 2-3 x a day in Costa Rica :) I love you guys! wish i could be there..

Sarah said...

We did this at a weekly community dinner for a month, sort of by accident, and it was wonderful. Rice and beans is one of my favorite meals! I'll see if Koinonia is up for the challenge this spring.