Sunday, November 07, 2010

Carpet in the dining room

Ally came quietly around the corner the other morning and said to me, apprehensively, "Mama, there is something on the floor by the table." And because I know my daughter, I knew it was not good.

I turned the corner to see raspberry freezer jam splatted all over the carpet. And in these moments, I honestly don't do well. I would like to say that I was the sweetest mother ever and announced how it was 'no problem'. But I would be lying. I did a dramatic deep gasp and shouted at everyone to 'go into their bedrooms because mama had some serious work to do'. They saw the fire in my eyes and ran for the hills. Good choice, children.

It took me a good solid half an hour to clean this mess up. And while I fussed, fumed, and asked Jesus for help, he calmed me down.

Miraculously, the spot is completely gone. Not only was I calm and collected (praise the Lord!), I was quite proud of this amazing spot removing ability I have developed over the last 7 years (thank you, Jesus).

But I do need to take a moment and make a very desperate and whiny request...
Oh my Father, Giver of all good gifts, may I please have hard wood floors in my dining room?

And, who was the genius who decided to put carpet there in the first place? Come on.


Thoughts for the day said...

oh I agree. I don't like carpeting in the main living areas. I would personally take it out, my hubby likes it so we compromise. We put a floor in the family room where the dogs sit, and in the den where the cat likes to hang out. The living room and bedrooms are carpeted. I am glad you handled it well, take care

Sarah said...

We have tile floors under our table, and I still freak out when my kids spill something...old habits die hard.
Thanks for sharing this small miracle!