Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Jubilee Food Pantry

The Jubilee Food Pantry has been officially opened for the last two Tuesdays! We have had 4 families come to receive food as well as lots of family and friends who have come to help, support and encourage us. The food shelves are stocked to overflowing, praise the Lord!

I keep getting this picture of stepping into the shallow waters of the ocean and looking at the great expanse in front. We are committed. Our garage has been remodeled to be a food pantry for Hubbard, OR and surrounding areas. This is a big deal. And this is only the shallow beginnings of what it means to dive into your community with an intent to love. What will they do with us?

I had a chance to pray with a couple ladies last week. Wow, it felt good. They were willing to receive and it was one of those moments when you could feel the heaviness of His Spirit flowing through and sinking deep. I'm praying for those ladies to let themselves receive more of Him and His love.

We are asking the Lord for His covering over our home, children, and credibility here in the community. We want to be honest, gentle, consistent and trustworthy. We cannot do this without His help and His power in our lives. I have been constantly reminded recently of how useless I am without Him. Without Him I am a conditional friend, a selfish mom, a nosy neighbor, and an unhealthy wife. These things will not bring the power of God into this community. I pray for grace and mercy to fall all over Andy and I as we stumble through this new way of life.

All I know is that I am willing and ready for God to use me. That's all He wants. He knows we will make mistakes, I just have to be okay with that and be ready to learn from them.

Thank you Jesus for such an amazing, creative way we can reach out and love on our neighbors. Use us for your glory!

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Thoughts for the day said...

awesome.... keep it up Serenity you can do it.. you have prayer warriors behind you beside you and before you. YOU can do it I know your heart is good and God WILL be in this for you...and with you.