Friday, April 16, 2010

Our sustainable friends

I am so proud of our friends, Matt and Jen Schwab. Please check their NEW WEBSITE! They have had a vision and are persevering in making it happen. Their vision is to thrive on a sustainable farm, which they have named, Inspiration Plantation. This is year 2 of their work in Ridgefield, WA, and they are finally seeing their house, which they have designed to be energy efficient and green as possible, being built. We went to visit them last weekend and being there gave me even more appreciation for what they are doing. Farm life is hard work, but what a rewarding life! If God would let me, I'd be a farm girl in a heart beat. Much of me just wanted to pitch a tent right there and stay.

Our kids had so much fun with their two big, happy, dogs who, guard and protect all the other animals on the farm. Andy and I talked about how we thought our children would thrive in farm life.

So make sure to check out their website....they will be selling their free range, organically grown chickens soon (they are HUGE AND WONDERFUL!) along with turkeys for Thanksgiving, eggs, and even pig!

Inspiration Plantation has been a gracious giver to our Jubilee Food Pantry, donating chickens and produce for us to hand out when we open in May.

In an age when "being green" is the cool thing to do, Matt and Jen are living it and being beautiful examples of how to truly sustain and thrive while taking care of what God has given them.

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