Thursday, April 08, 2010

My special gifts

Avery, Allyson, Eva and Lucilla. Wow. Do we really have 4 children?

Yes, these 4 little beauties are my special gifts. I am so honored to be the chosen mother of each of my kids. I have recently been in awe of my position of care-taking these little people in a harsh world.

Each of them are their very own person, I am amazed at their uniqueness (is that a word?). Isn't it amazing that we have all been made in the likeness of God? Each of us can reveal a little bit of who God is- only God would think of that.

And by the way, at 6 months, Luci has already popped 2 teeth and has just about mastered the skill of crawling. Watch out folks, here she comes!

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