Monday, February 22, 2010

Spring is here!

After a good couple hours of hard weeding, the kids and I grabbed our shovels and tilled up the beautiful soil. Looking forward to a fun season of gardening and teaching the kids more about the abundant Life Jesus has promised us.
The compost pile is ready to do it's thing. Good-bye smelly pile of garbage, hello yummy vegetables!
And I must brag a bit about our amazing Oregon spring weather we have been having. Four days in a row I opened up the house and let the breeze blow through! Forget school, we've been soakin' up the Vitamin D.
Can I smell this Daphne hard enough? Mmmm! I may get dizzy and pass out in my front yard, but oh, it is worth it for this little flower's perfume!
Eva is so desperate to pick these little crocuses. So small and vibrant, just perfect for a good 3 year old yank! So sorry, sweet Diva.

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