Friday, January 22, 2010

When I'm not looking

This is our Diva.
Her name is Eva, but Diva fits more appropriately at times. Her name means Life and she is determined to live up to it.

Andy and I were enjoying a bit of conversation at the breakfast table, while Luci was happily playing in her bouncy chair next to me. The rest of the kids had finished their breakfast and were entertaining themselves quite nicely. I was obviously wrapped up in what Andy and I were talking about because I turned to look at Luci and this is what I found.....

Eva thought Luci needed a bit of entertainment.


Emie Kay said...

That is awesome!! Luci is so beautiful! Loving your blog! Loving YOU.

KI said...

OH Diva, what a good sissy you are! I can't wait to kiss those faces SO soon!