Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Craft day

Every once in a while I will spice things up and have craft day for school (on a rare occasion). And to make it even more fun, we stayed in our jammies. And yes, I always seem to be in my jammies, so it was not a big woop for me.

We've been studying the human body and I figured it might stick in their heads a little better if we actually constructed a body. It was a team effort (mommy included) and it was a surprisingly peaceful event.

Eva drew the face and then took it upon herself to make the hair, which kept her happy and busy the entire time. When it comes to school time, she is my most challenging, so if it takes an entire roll of tape to make hair, so be it.

It was nothing fancy but the kids totally dug it. We only used what we had- pipe cleaners, toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, bendy straws, tape :), string and balloons.

To top off the fun craft day, our body was deemed a girl and named Elsia. I love my kids.

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KI said...

Whatever it takes for entertainment these days--that's totally my motto!! No matter how destroyed the house is in the end. Mama and her girl are much happier at the end of the day that way. ;) Sounds like it was one of those days!