Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Making friends and learning

My little Avery-man has so much joy sometimes that it just spills out all over everyone around him.

I have been so encouraged to see him make friends wherever we go and this time it happened to be on the bus in NY. We were waiting for the bus to come and he walked up to this little guy and introduced himself and almost instantly they were buddies. By the time we got off the bus and said good-bye, Avery had forgotten his name but he still remembers "his friend on the bus".

Something about how Avery can just walk up to random kids, unashamed and innocent to all possibilities of rejection makes me know God is with him and guarding his heart and mind. It makes me excited to see and point out his special gifts God has given him also.

This has been my most regular prayer for all my kids during our time of traveling- that God would guard and mold their hearts, minds and character. I want their little hearts to remain soft as Andy and I do our best to keep our family on the path of Jesus, obeying his commands and listening to his small voice.

Many times the kids have expressed their hearts in missing home and having a house that "doesn't have wheels". And often times I really don't know anything else to say except, "Mommy misses home too." My mama's heart breaks when they say these things but I also want them to know that all of these little heart breaks that we experience as we follow Jesus are precious treasures that we are storing up in Heaven.

As always, following Jesus has its ups and downs. As parents we have a responsibility to somehow teach this through our own actions, even if it means it might be hard for our kids. The key is to remember compassion and kindness through these actions. THIS is how they learn.


Tim said...

I miss that crazy kid. We're praying for you guys. Keep storing up those treasures in heaven. I hope the treasures are like Jewel Pops, and you can eat them like candy:)

MikkiD said...

Wow are amazing!! Jesus is so blessed to have you representing Him across this great nation! Sending prayers your way!

Will and Krystal Irwin said...

just looking at your flicker pics & shedding some tears over how much I'm missing you & those babes growing up. can u come home just long enough to give me a besties hug? love you.