Thursday, October 09, 2008

Our house...... a very, very, very fine house!

Yep, that is right folks, we STILL have a house. After being on the market for 6 months we have had virtually no bites. God is funny, isn't He?

The last 3+ months we have come to a place where we have finally released this house to Him.
Before we left on our adventure we started getting anxious about how it still wasn't sold, but He asked us, "Will you go for me even if your house isn't sold?" And then He asked us, after we still didn't have an RV, He asked us, "Will you go for me even if you don't have an RV?"

Our plans were to sell the house, pay off our student loans with the equity, pay off the RV that we would find, and have a little extra left to put towards our ministry. That sounds very logical, doesn't it? Obviously our Father in Heaven had different plans.

God's plans are higher and much more powerful than ours. I am happy to have a story about it to share with you all. We still have our house, we had to borrow money from Andy's parents for the RV (thank you Darryl and Judy!!), we still have mortgage, school loans, and a few house bills to pay, we are on the road traveling the States and we are completely amazed at how the Lord has provided for everything, plus more. Not only has He provided, we have finally come to the place where we have released the house and opened our hearts and minds to how He might use this house for His glory. This is when it gets exciting.

So, it just makes us sick to know that there is an empty house back in Hubbard, OR being paid for. Heck, we are traveling the States to minister to the HOMELESS!!! Ironic, huh? So instead of worrying about this house ('cuz He is obviously still providing) we started praying, "What in the world do you want to do with this house, Lord?" And through that question, we began to dream and envision a church body, or multiple church bodies, coming around the house, paying for the mortgage to help relieve that burden from us and open the house to a needy family. His heart for this is that the Church would find their hands and feet, put them to work, come around a struggling family, and preach the Gospel with their actions and love. Doubling the ministry of our family and making this blessing a valuable resource for the Kingdom.

This sounds all wonderful and glorious, yet we had NO CLUE as to how that was all going to happen. We are traveling and trying to continue in our ministry, so there was just one more thing to pray for. And, of course, the Lord provided.

Our friend, Brandon, from our life group called up and while talking with Andy about the house instantly got the vision and decided to go ahead and write up a proposal to ALL the life groups at our home church and present the idea. He has taken it and has boldly started this race!!!! Praise the Lord!!!! There are a lot of details and it is a crazy idea, so please pray for Brandon's perseverance and blessing over him and our other friends as he continues to press forward in this vision God has revealed to us!!!

I am learning that the more and more we release to Him, the more fun it is to step out in faith. As we step out in faith and pray, He gifts us with more faith and more faith.
With faith, life is an exciting adventure. So we will pray for more and more opportunities to expect Him to work.

With God all things are possible. Matthew 19:26

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Susannah said...

that is awesome!! and HE WILL do amazing things with it, He has to, cuz you gave Him so much room! can't wait to hear more about it. miss you and love you,