Tuesday, November 20, 2007

2nd Ministry letter

Dear friends and family,

We thought it was due time to update all of you with all the amazing things the Lord has done in the Coulombe family! Since the last e-mail we sent out, we have had many answers to prayer and many miracles pertaining to the major life change that the Lord has called us to. For those of you who did not receive the last letter we have attached it to this also.

God continues to confirm our calling to ministry on the streets of the U.S. To keep this as short and sweet as possible I will list the recent praises and new prayer requests for our family in this season of preparation.


· We have a buyer for our house! No “for sale” signs or anything. God is laughing in the face of a slow market!

· We will be “covered” by Isaiah’s Stump, a non-profit organization that aids in administration, prayer, research, and non-profit status for those who have a passion to increase the Kingdom. What a blessing!

· We have been given the reigns to a new ministry at Grace Chapel which reaches out to the homeless community! It has been an awesome experience to watch the Lord work in this. This has been a wonderful opportunity to give the rest of the Body a window into what we will be doing as we travel. We continue to learn and grow through all of this, understanding more and more how Jesus is the only thing worth giving to anyone we meet.

· The Lord has kept Andy and I on the same page with ALL of this! This is a huge miracle in itself and has made this transition very peaceful and totally do-able.

· We have a married couple joining us in this adventure! We will be learning all about true community with Tim and Jenn Fidanzo as they live and co-labor with us in bringing the love of Jesus to everyone we meet. Yes, we will be in separate vehicles! J


(not in any order of importance J)

· Someone to give our huge dog, Kenobie, a loving home with lots of room to frolic. (He is wonderful with kids and is a great running/jogging dog!)

· That our home buyers’ house sells quickly (but not too quickly, I think we still need some more time J).

· That the Lord would give us wisdom in where we will need to move temporarily in between moving out of this house and taking off in our R.V. in June ‘08.

· For peace and joy to continue covering our family as we prepare, process, grieve, and make many more transitions.

· A huge part of our ministry will be to bring the Body of Christ to the streets and encourage the folks who are already getting their hands dirty in the poor community. For this to happen, some connections with ministries, churches, and families who are willing to join us will need to be made supernaturally before we leave.

Once again, thank you to all who have been praying for us during this time of preparation. The Lord continues to teach us, mold us and strengthen us before we head out into the wilderness.

We will be sending out a formal letters in the future that will have information on how to support financially (for those of you who were wondering J)! If you have a moment, we would love to get a mailing address for everyone. Thank you!


Andy and Serenity Coulombe

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Andrea said...

we continue to lift you up as you embark on your awesome journey. You are such awesome examples of what it means to walk in obedience know that God is who he says he is.