Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What do I have to offer?

Another trip down to Transitional Youth gave me yet, another glimpse into our Lord's heart. This time it was deeper and cut right to the heart of me.
I am a mother. Every day I wake up around 6:00am to one of the little rug-rats coming in bright-eyed, chipper as ever, ready to jump into my cozy, warm, bed and start tickling, laughing, and crawling under the sheets to tickle our feet. Now, that is sweet and all, but I'd say half the time I don't really think so.
Ok, hold up. I met a mother of 2 with one on the way, her name was Christina. First glance might tell you she is beautiful, black, strong, and hefty enough to hold off a couple men at once. But I had a few more glances than that, some talking, some praying. Sitting with her just made me so sad. The sadness and exhaustion just oozed from her. Raising two small children with one on the way, no where to stay, no stable income, no daddy, not much education, moving from place to place, having friends who are just like you that have had a childhood very similar to your children is.....
I just don't have words for what it is. My heart hurts for Christina. Jesus' heart hurts for Christina.
I look at my life and realize I really don't have anything to give her. Except Jesus. Jesus is the ONLY thing that lasts. I am so thankful to have Him in my heart, mind, and body. Lord help me be the hands and feet of the Spirit that lives in me.
Once again, a reminder to me when my happy, laughing children wake me up at 6:00am. Serenity, you are the Body, now live it.


Mommy to Four Blessings (so far) said...

Hello, I just checked my blog since arrving in Roseburg. Thanks for your note. You know what is funny, mu husband knows you and your husband from SOU. He is Zane McCourtney and he wrestled at SOU. Anyway, I too would love to meet you. Do you ever have reason to travel down this way? Let me know if so! As far as the "Great Provider"........We have watched Him in all His faithfulnss time and time again. Why I would ever doubt Him is beyond me :) As a mommy and wife it is my one desire to be the fragrance of Christ to my children and a blessing of submission for my husband. Keep your eyes on eternity, surrender minute by minute to the Spirit and let God recieve all the glory for anything good! Love, Summer

the hands said...

How refreshing! Thanks for the reminder Seren. You are an amazing mother and wife and I am proud to say your my sister!


Will and Krystal Irwin said...

yeah, Seren, do you ever have any reason to travel down this way to the Burg?! HA! Thank you Summer for giving her another reason to get her Jesus-loving buns down here. To be the Body to us!! ha!
Love you my dear Seren.