Monday, May 21, 2007

my homies

This is just a shout out to my homey G's, Krystal and Will Irwin, for finishing their first house! It is beautiful! With a red door and everything! I am anxiously waiting for my chance to come and view it in person.
Mostly I wanted to write this to honor their hard work, perseverance, faith in our BIG God, and the fact that it was built in community. I just can't get over how awesome that is! They were able to do this only because of a special grant for low income families and were required to put in 30 hours a week (together) until ALL the houses in this little cul-de-sac were finished. Mind you, they have been working their normal jobs ON TOP of this! I think they have a few more weeks to go, finishing the last touches on the other houses, but they can finally see the light at the end of the 1 year long tunnel! Goodness gracious! What a sense of accomplishment! Isn't this exactly what God wants from us? To work in community with one another for a purpose, regardless of who we are, what the circumstances are like or where we are at in our journey with Him. To come together, learn from one another, and ultimately see that each of us is a child of God. Krystal and Will, this is an amazing testimony of God's amazing love in your life! He is smiling and proud of both of you!

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Will and Krystal Irwin said...

Thank you my dear friend for the kind and encouraging words and for honoring us on your blog!